Sunday, 27 June 2010

Beautiful Lampwork beads by Earth and Fire Beads

Yesterday while I was enjoying my day at the Eccleshall Festival , my bead order arrived from Earth and Fire Beads . I was absolutely delighted with them and if I hadn't been so exhausted as a result of a busy day in the sun at Eccleshall I would have set too on them yesterday, but instead I enjoyed a beautiful morning sat outside creating, today.
How to use my 'Sea Storm Lentils? There were so many options and ideas going around my head, Do I use all five beads in a necklace? do I fill the necklace with beads? I could have done both but I chose to use just three of the beads in a necklace.
I used tigertail thread and a combination of Swarovski crystals and tiny mauve rocaille beads, finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

I used the two remaining beads from the set to make a pair of matching earrings, with sterling silver ear hooks.

Should I use the 'Pistachio shingles' to make a long necklace using all six in the one design or do I make two simple necklaces with just one of the lamp work beads and use the spare four as earrings, or do I make six pairs of earrings? 

 I started making jewellery because I love earrings and sometimes I have to remind myself of that, so I indulged my passion and made three pairs of earrings, all slightly different.

I could have made them in so many ways but I am happy with my final choices.

I hope Rachel who made these beautiful beads feels as though I have done her work justice!