Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Not just an ordinary tie.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that occasionally I try different ideas out, and this is one such idea.

I actually knitted this last year but it has been sat on my work bench ever since, I like it and it has received lots of favourable comments from people who have seen it, the problem is it took such a long time to make that I have struggled putting a price tag on it, would people be prepared to pay the price I will be asking for a knitted tie? I have decided to go for it, after all what have I got to lose?
So it is coming with me to the sale at Stone tonight and the Women in Rural Enterprise conference tomorrow

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Almost ready to open

Here is a sneek preview of the transformation of the upstairs of Gallery at 12, Eccleshall, As you can see it is almost ready to launch.
The tip that was our upstairs for the first seven months of our occupancy.
First thing to do was to remove partition, block up some of our windows and put in a small office.

Then the walss needed to be painted, the celing covered with drapes and a carpet laid.

Now all that is needed is the fittings and artwork. The next time I photograph the upstairs will be at the official opening. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I have mentioned it on facebook and on twitter, and now I can finally show you my knitted mask.
I had a vague idea of how I wanted the finished mask to look, but I let the design evolve as I knitted,
I have spent over a month working on this, not constanstly I hasten to add. I haven't followed a pattern and I didn't make notes as I went along so I will never be able to re-create this exactly, consequently it will remain a totally one off, unique piece. 
I know to show it off at its best I should photograph it on someone, but I have no volunteers handy so for now this will have to do.

It is knitted on an ivory coloured wire with gold and clear glass seed beads. I have decorated it with Swarovski crystal pearls
It is a mask designed to be worn, not held on a stick as it is too floppy for that.
I have attached a thin knitted band with a gold plate hook at the end, to the back which is fed through a loop, back onto itself and can be hooked at a position of your choice to comfortably hold the mask in place.

I am so pleased with it, I hope you like it!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spotlight on Michael Wheeley - Member of the Staffordshire Artists and Makers Cooperative

I spent today at the Gallery in Eccleshall , but instead of posting about the jewellery I made while I was there it occurred to me that I could do a spotlight on each of the members of the Staffordshire Artists and Makers Cooperative instead, So today I am going to start off by featuring Michael Wheeley.

Mike has enjoyed a life long career in hairdressing, successfuly competing, as a hair artist, in many prestigeous hairdressing competitions throughout Europe. Mike decided to take the flowing and sculpted  movements he found in his work as a stylist through to wider dimensions and decided to turn his attention to fine art.
This resulted in the completion of a B.A. degree then an M.A in Fine art at Birmingham City University School of Art in 2008.
Michael particularly enjoys working on large scale contempory pieces and allows the spirit of the piece to take over. He sees each of his sculptures and paintings as unique adventures and uses a variety of mediums including plaster, clay and acrylics to arrive at a final effect which follows flowing organic curves. His subtle handling of surface texture creates both spontaneeous and exciting elements in all his work.
Michael has an honest, passionate and deep felt relationship to his art. He has exhibitted throughout the Midlands and in Central Birmingham.
Below is a selection of Mikes work currently on display in Gallery at 12.

To see more information about Gallery at 12 please visit my page on the gallery, link can be found at top of page.

If you would like to see two of the items I made while I was at the Gallery today, please visit my facebook page.