Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Crocheted delights

Just thought I would share some of the crocheted items I have made this week.
A definite vintage feel to these don't you agree!!!

I took these pieces to a WiRE  (Women in Rural Enterprise) network meeting in Penkridge, where it was decided that the clear glass and glass pearl items looked like bubbles, and they really do!!!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

We've been 'sewing daisies' today!

So the 'sewing daisies' workshop has been and gone now -  and I thought I would share the morning with you!
The workshop was held at Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall, which is directly opposite Gallery at 12 , which I mention regularly on this blog.
These are the two bracelets I made as examples to advertise the workshop, the first one I have posted on here before, the second one was the example I had left at Pollyanna Patchwork to advertise the workshop in the window, and never got around to photographing it beforehand. you wouldn't believe that the two were made in exactly the same way would you? Just goes to show how the beads you choose to use makes all the difference.

Here are some pictures from this morning -  Some very camera shy ladies-

I promised that you wouldn't be concentrating on the ladies, so take a look at all the lovely patchworks hanging around the room instead, and I have to say those daylight lamps are brilliant!!!!!
the room had gone very quiet at this stage as all the ladies had got the hang of the design and you you could hear their concentration!!! Always a good sign:)

and their lovely work in progress ...

and a couple of end products...

If you would be interested in attending a future sewing daisy workshop, please let me know, as I am sure it will be repeated!!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sewing Daisies

I am now taking bookings for 'Sewing Daisies' bracelet making workshop. It will be held at Polloyanna Patchwork, High Street Eccleshall, on Tuesday August 16th 11am -12.30pm the cost of the session is £16 including materials. There will be a large choice of beads to make your daisies, you can choose as many different beads as you like, this one is just using green glass beads, but the sample bracelet in Pollyanna Patchwork's shop window is made using many colours and a variety of  different sized beads.