Wednesday, 25 March 2015

what colours are in your summer wardrobe

My wardrobe seems to comprise of three main colours, blue, cream/white and peach - and last week I found a light weight jacket that ties it all together - so this week I decided to make myself some jewellery that would do the same. I am so happy with this necklace and matching earrings.
I used a selection of glass beads, Swarovski crystals and handmade ceramic beads to make this set

 If I can do this for me, I can do it for you too, just let me know what colours and style, length  of necklace, earrings you want and I am as always happy to make you something

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Iona' necklace

How do I spend an afternoon when Rugby is on? - easy I go upstairs to my work room and make some jewellery. After making a commissioned bracelet which I will post on here after my client has received it, I then spied this beautiful turquoise bead in a bag on my desk that was just shouting out to be used - so I used it -  along with other glass beads to make this pretty necklace for the summer - made with silver plate wire and finished off with a silver plate clasp - This is a one off necklace as there was only the one focal bead in the bag - I have named the necklace 'Iona' as it reminds me of the seas around  the island of Iona in the Hebrides with its stunning white shell sand beaches.

the necklace measure 16 inches  and cost £35

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith 

Monday, 16 March 2015

What would you make at basic jewellery making workshop by Angela Smith?

This post is for those of you wondering what you could expect to make at one of my basic jewellery making workshops. 
Firstly you can expect to see a very large selection of beads - these are the boxes I bring out to the workshops, I will also usually bring a few small baskets too, which have a selection of other glass beads and a few semi precious beads and freshwater pearls.

This morning I sat down and made the following items - My workshops normally last 2 -2 1/2 hours, these took me 1 1/2 hours to make so if you have had experience in making jewellery before you should be able to make similar in the allotted time, if you are totally new to jewellery making you should still manage to go away with two or three items, if not more - you will probably find that it is the choosing of the beads and planning of your items that will take most of your time. 

I will show you how to make a floating necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings, you can then choose what you want to make and select your own beads, they could be a colourful selection like above or you might want to make something more neutral such as this glass pearl necklace and matching earrings 
or if you like you could choose to  make a string of beads either on the wire or on beading thread, again I would show you how to do this too,

Alternatively you might want to include a pendant drop in your necklace design such as this black glass bead necklace 

Please remember that these are just examples of the types of jewellery you could make, I am happy to talk through with you and help you plan out other designs that you have in mind, providing I have the beads and correct finding to make these.
 My next planned basic jewellery making workshop is for Saturday 11th April 10.30am -1pm  at Lily's Secret Vintage Tea Rooms, Swan Pit, near Gnosall, Staffordshire, details for this and future workshops can be found in the column to the right of this post in the section headed workshops - please don't hesitate to contact me for further details 

Friday, 13 March 2015

statement long drop earrings

These earrings have been made with a crystal drop, clear Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal pearls and tiny glass beads on sterling silver wire, I personally don't think you would need a necklace with these, just the earrings, although I could make a matching bracelet if you would like  - there is such a thing as too much bling!!!!

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'Harmony' a new bracelet for today

Today the sun is shining and my door is open, the dog is lying in the hall with her head resting in the open doorway and all is well - So I just had to pop up to my work room and make something and this is the end result - I have called it 'Harmony'
This stunning bracelet has been  made using a combination of Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal pearls and diamante rondelle beads.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Introducing 'Evangeline' - New wedding jewellery and hair accessories

My thoughts this week have turned completely to wedding jewellery, I have booked myself into a charity wedding fair this Sunday at Lilleshall National Sports Centre so I thought I should make some new jewellery to add to my collection - and if you know me at all you will know that I love any excuse to get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out, so I decided to knit and crochet a set.
'Evangeline' comprises of a wire and glass bead knitted tiara band, a knitted bracelet and 6 crocheted bobby pins, these are totally one of pieces as the beads have been threaded on randomly and so even if I tried,  it would be impossible for me to replicate this set exactly, I can of course make others based on these designs.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith