Birthday Parties

Welcome to my 'Jewellery Making Birthday Parties' Page.

A unique creative birthday party experience!
By Angela Smith

Below you will find information about my birthday parties and examples of the types of jewellery you can expect to be made.

Where will the parties be held?

Parties can be held in the comfort of your own home, or at an alternative venue of your choice.

How much do they cost?

Basic cost is £90 for up to 6 people
£10 head for any extra people - up to 12 in total

travelling costs may be added - as follows 
£5 if you live 16 - 20 miles from Gnosall, Stafford.
£10 if you live 21 - 25 miles from Gnosall,
£15 if you live 26 - 30 miles from Gnosall 
travelling costs for further distances will be arranged at time of booking.

How long do parties last?
Hopefully each party will last  between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours session if no more than 10 attendees 
This is only a rough guide as it does depend on how long it takes for the beads to be chosen and other factors that may arise on the day.
If there are more than 10 attendees then the party may well take longer than the 2 hours 

What age groups are these parties aimed at?
Parties are suitable for any age -  6yrs and over.
I have provided parties for groups of very excited 6 year olds, for teenagers, for mixed family groups of children and parents, grandparenets etc. and other parties just for adults.

What type of jewellery is made at these parties?
Guests will choose from a large range of beads to make a necklace and either a bracelet or a pair of earrings( hooks or clips) to take home at the end of a party.
Guests will choose their beads, plan their jewellery items and thread onto leather, beading wire and or earring pins, I will finish off all items.
Please see below for examples of jewellery you can expect to make

What do you need to provide for the party?
We need a table/ tables for the guests to sit around and there needs to be enough space around the table for me to get around to each person.
Also I bring along a very large selection of beads in boxes for you to use - these need to be on display so I need a table for the boxes to be placed on. This can either be a large dining room table with the guests sat around the table too, or I need space for a wallpaper paste board which is just big enough to hold all the boxes. I can provide the paste board!
You also need to provide all the refreshments!!!!!

for further information or to book a party - please contact me.

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