Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jewellery making birthday party

Today I hosted a jewellery making party for 9yr old Grace and 8 of her friends, these are some of the items that were made - unfortunately my photo's aren't as good as the jewellery.

The girls choose their beads and plan out their items, they then thread the beads along with the crimps, if required, onto their chosen wire or leather and then I crimp the groups into position, if using wire, and attach clasps and earfittings to complete their items.
And hopefully a good time is had by all!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Just can't get enough of chartreuse

I spent yesterday working at Gallery @ 12 in Eccleshall, and despite having several visitors, I still had time to crochet and knit some more items of jewellery, and the colour for the day - chartreuse, it is just such a lovely fresh colour, I am constantly being drawn to it, I know turquoise is supposed to be the colour for this year and I do like turquoise, just give me time and I'm sure some turquoise will materialise.

crocheted necklace with Venetian glass piattine and glass beads

A crocheted bracelet and crocheted earrings

and a knitted bracelet or it will be once I have attached the clasp!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jewellery destined for Gallery @ 12

This morning I returned all the jewellery back to my Studio in Seighford and selected a few items to take over to Gallery @ 12 in Eccleshall, Here's a sneak preview. Hope you enjoy.

Necklace made with Freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals and silver spacers

glass pearl and glass bead necklace.

knitted crown with silver plate wire and tiny clear seed beads.

swarovski crystal wand.

Swarovski crystal tiara.

Swarovski crystal pearls with swarovski crystals.

knitted tiara with silver plate wire, tiny seed beads and edged with swarovski crystal pearls.

swarovski crystals with gold coloured seed beads.

hair slide crocheted using fine silver coloured wire, tiny seed beads and decorated with swarovski crystals.

swarovski crystal tiara.

 I am taking other items over to the Gallery along with these, some of which I have shown before in earlier posts, if you would like a closer look you need to visit the Gallery.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

creating order out of chaos

Today was the day of the Yarnfield wedding fair, and whether I wanted to spend Valentines day doing this or not it seemed like a good idea when I applied.
So first of all lets get unpacked.

Now let's try and work out how to set all this out.

Well I'm happy with that! All we need are some members of the public to come and chat, look and take my details.

There were plenty of other stalls upstairs including flowers, cakes, doves and stationary

Thank you if you were one of the visitors to my stall today, I hope you saw something you liked, please don't forget to get back to me once you have your dress sorted. 

Friday, 12 February 2010

Jewellery for Wedding Fair,

Sunday I am attending my only wedding fair this season. It is to be held at Yarnfield, near Stafford. So this week I have been making a few more pieces to take along to it. Below are a few examples.

Swarovski crystal pearls with diamante.

Freshwater paerls with swarovski crystals.

Freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals.

Bracelet - Swarovski crystal pearls with ribbon.

Bracelet - Swarovski crystal pearls on ribbon with a twist.

Choker or headband - Swarovski crystal pearls on ribbon.

These three ribbon items were inspired by visiting The Beading Gems Journal Tutorial on how to make ribbon jewellery, I have made some jewellery in the past using ribbon, but not like these. I think they are lovely.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Crocheted jewellery

I really do enjoy crocheting with wire.
I have made these items by crocheting a single chain and then crocheting back along the chain adding beads as I go.
This bracelet is going to be one of the many items I will be taking with me to The Breast cancer event in Newport on Saturday.

I shall be taking the glass pearl bracelet and necklace to the Wedding Fair at Yarnfield on Sunday, along with a large selection of tiaras and jewellery. I will be posting more of my wedding jewellery later on in the week. 

Friday, 5 February 2010

Ready for the weekend

I have a craft fair to attend tomorrow so just to prove I have been making some jewellery for the event here are a few samples. I have been trying out different angles when taking these. I know the one I like best.

Pale mauve and grey glass beads crocheted onto purple wire.

green swarovski crystals with green glass seed beads crocheted onto green wire.

Green Venetian glass centre bead with peridot green swarovski crystal and green glass seed beads.

Round mauve glass beads with pale amethyst glass cube beads

green glass pearls crocheted onto green wire

Paua shells with green glass seed beads

Silver plate diamante with siam red and clear swarovski crystal

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gallery @12

Today I returned to Gallery @ 12.
The Gallery has enjoyed a change around, I was so impressed with it's new look that I thought it would be a good opportunity to show some of the work currently on display by members of the Staffordshire Artists and Makers Cooperative and guests. I hope you enjoy this

Welcome to Gallery @ 12, Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Bob Thacker- glass maker


Cathy Sumner ceramics

Jo Hill-Textile artist

Paintings by artists: Craig Sumner, Thurza Cox, Helen cartlidge and Mike Wheeley

Sculpures my Mike Wheeley

Angela Smith - Jewellery

Guest artists
Rob Cox Wood carvings

Slipware by Carol Glover    

Neil Wood- metal sculptures