Friday, 21 April 2017

What can you do with your old, much loved tiara? ....... Upcycle it!!!

Do you have a tiara stuffed to the back of a drawer or sat in a box on top of your wardrobe hoping for a day when you can wear it again? or are you saving it in the hope that your daughter will want to wear on her wedding day?

Let me work my magic!

Last month a lovely young lady, Sally contacted me out of the blue.
Sally had a tiara that she loved but was probably never going to wear again and was wondering if I could make jewellery out of it instead! - what a lovely idea .
I arranged to meet Sally with her tiara in Gallery at 12, Eccleshall, as I have a large selection of pearl and crystal jewellery there already made up, I could use those pieces as examples when discussing the possibilities and believe me there were plenty of possibilities!
It turned out that Sally also wanted to gift some of the items of jewellery to the people who had helped make her wedding day so special, including her Mum - a lovely idea turned into a really fabulous idea!!!
Having spent half an hour or so discussing possible jewellery designs Sally left me with the tiara, and while she went off to enjoy a holiday, I set too dismantling the tiara and making up new jewellery.

This is the tiara, full of glistening crystal diamantes and pearls-

I agreed to keep Sally informed throughout the process - photographing my makes and emailing them to her so she could tell me if she liked each design or if she wanted it tweaking, by the time she returned from her holiday I had all her new jewellery waiting for her.
The day the jewellery was collected I finished off the bracelets using Sally's wrist to gauge the correct lengths and handed all her new sparkling wearable jewellery over to a very happy Sally

These are some of the photos I took during the making process, some are completed items and some are the suggested designs before tweaking - I could have also made earrings but as Sally doesn't wear earrings I didn't make any this time  - there were really so many possibilities!

taken from Sally's emails....

Wow - they look amazing!! .................
.......I am so pleased I managed to find you as you are doing an amazing thing for me that I will treasure and I am certain my mum will too! 

Thanks very much and look forward to seeing the photos as and when you have done the others :-) 

Hi Angela,
It was lovely to see you again today at the craft fair!! Thank you so much for the amazing Jewellery you have made me out of my wedding tiara! :-) I love all the items so much and can't wait to wear them! My mum will love hers for sure! 
I really appreciate all of the advice and help you have given me along the way to making the jewellery perfect! 

I absolutely loved working on this project and playing around with the beads to see what I could come up with, and would be more than happy to convert more tiaras into jewellery that can again be worn - please ask me to help bring your wedding day back to life! x