Wednesday, 20 October 2010

beads and wire

Another day in the Gallery gave me a chance to make some more jewellery.
Sitting at a small desk which needs to be cleared quickly when a painting or vase needs wrapping it is best to keep my jewellery making compact, so a reel of wire and beads is ideal.
I chose to sit and crochet a necklace first as I only have two crocheted necklaces left in the Gallery at the moment. Decisions decisions what length to make it, should it have a clasp or just be able to slip over the head, I opted for a longer length this time.

It would be good if we could decorate the windows up this year for Christmas so I thought I would have a go at  a new design for a star, I am happy with this, no doubt I will adapt the design as I make more so no two will be identical.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Where in Staffordshire can you buy unique masks?

Look no further than Gallery at 12, Eccleshall.
Now we have Christmas fast approaching peoples minds are starting to focus on winter charity balls and many of these will be masked!
I have written about my masks before on this blog - Back in April I showed you this

This is a knitted mask, I do not have set patterns for my knitted jewellery, I just set to with a pair of knitting needles and see what evolves, so this is a totally unique never to be repeated item, I can make them in any colour, but I can't guarantee what they will look like, so although I make them to order, it is always a case of wait and see!
This one is on show in my jewellery cabinet in Gallery at 12, Eccleshall, Staffordshire.
This isn't the only mask on show in the Gallery, we do have a large selection of leather masks made by a very talented artist Steven Kirk. Below are a few of Steven's masks currently on display in the Gallery.

So, if you have been invited to a masked ball this season, please visit the Gallery in Eccleshall, there are plenty of masks to choose from and if you can't find something to suit your requirements, Steven and I are happy to take on commissions.
This Sunday, 17th October would be a great day to visit as the Gallery is holding an Open Day and most of the artists will be in attendance.
If Eccleshall is not within travelling distance I can also recommend you take a look at Masque Boutique. Where you can view some beautiful Venetian style masks online.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Simple on leather

Having spent the morning crimping crystal beads onto wire to make several floating necklaces this afternoon I had every intention to continue along the same lines, but for some reason I ended up making these instead, and I am really pleased with them. So simple yet really pretty. What do you think?