Monday, 25 November 2013

classic, timeless, black earrings

Every woman should have at least one pair of black earrings. Today I made a few more to add to my collection, all of these are made with Swarovski crystals and tiny glass seed beads. I have made each design up with either clear glass beads and silver plate ear hooks or gold coloured glass beads and gold plate ear hooks.



handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Venetian glass heart necklaces - great for Christmas

Looking for a Christmas gift - you can't go wrong with these -
Two Venetian glass heart necklaces with Swarovski crystals along with matching earrings -


Each set costs £18, pendants hanging from 16 inch silver plate snake chains earrings are on silver plate ear hooks
please contact me if you would like either - I still have time to post to you before Christmas

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Thursday, 21 November 2013

commissioned necklace

This was a very special commission - I made this necklace for Jude who I have been friends with on facebook and twitter for a few years now but have never had the privilege of meeting. This is all about to be rectified as next Thursday we will finally meet at the #sbs event in Birmingham in the company of Theo Paphitis. sbs is a twitter reward for small businesses created by Theo Paphitis if you want to find out more please visit the sbs website where you can also view details of all the winners to date. Neither Jude or I were winners of sbs when we first starting chatting on social media and hadn't even heard of sbs at that time - Our initial common link was our shared love of art and craft.
Jude's business is GWR Fasteners and there company colours are red and black so the jewellery had to be in keeping with that - This is the necklace Jude will be wearing next week to the #sbs event - I can't wait to meet her at last.

sparkling red and black Swarovski crystals

this will be my second #sbs event - If you want to read about my first one please take a look at this post from last year. Hopefully after next Thursday I will be able to post a photo of Jude wearing the necklace along with my account of the day.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

An Owl in bronze

This owl has been made with bronze wire it has freshwater pearl eyes and glass beads as 'feathers' - with a bit of artistic licence - It could be attached to a pin, but I chose to attach some cord to his head and wear as a pendant -

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

simple and dainty - silver plate wire brooch

Just three wire flowers, joined with a twist and attached to a brooch pin, couldn't be simpler, but so pretty - it will look striking pinned onto black or any other dark colour.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Three Autumn leaves

Made with bronze wire, Swarovski crystals and tiny glass beads. My last leaf pendant didn't hang around long at all, so I thought I should make a few more to take with me to The Christmas Gift Fair at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust this weekend, these were made this morning while I was manning Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall, I actually made 4 of these leaves but left one hanging in the Gallery.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Monday, 11 November 2013

With you in mind - kilt pins

Today I focused on making items of jewellery to take to the Christmas gift fair at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford - this coming weekend. I think I have enough necklaces and earrings in stock but before today I didn't have many brooches so this morning and part of this afternoon was spent making these beaded kilt pins

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Doodling with wire

'Doodling with Wire' That was how my first hare sculpture was described in one comment and I think it fits the feel of the sculpture really well. Having received some very positive comments about my first hare, today I decided to make a family of them.

I think I have made enough hares for now, so this afternoon I made this dragonfly too.

My collection is growing!

handmade by Angela Smith

Friday, 8 November 2013

Venetian glass with silver tones

Yesterday I made a selection of Venetian glass necklaces with golden tones, today it is the turn of the silver toned beads.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Golden tones of Venetian Glass

In my opinion you cannot beat Venetian glass for intensity of colour when it comes to glass beads, I use many types of glass beads in my jewellery making but I still find myself returning time and again to Venetian glass and today I found myself making more jewellery with Venetian glass as the feature bead.

All four of these necklaces have been made using gold coloured nylon coated wire and have gold plate clasps.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Following ideas through and branching out - wire sculpture

Something that has been on my mind for quite a while is doing more work with wire, I have had wire featuring in some of my jewellery designs for some time now,  and after having made my quirky bird cage and then my dragonfly brooch, I feel confident enough to move forward to the next step. So today I sat down and made this wire sculpture of a hare. I love it and I am really excited about where this journey is going to take me
handmade by Angela Smith

Monday, 4 November 2013

coiled wire bead necklace

A new make for today this pretty pink coiled wire beaded necklace.

made with silver plate wire threaded with tiny pink glass rocaille beads and finished with pink glass and clear glass beads

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

Sunday, 3 November 2013

To Etsy or Not to Etsy?

I still have no idea if being on Etsy is something I should be continuing with, every time I decide that enough is enough with it someone then convinces me that I should continue with it, so I have decided that in the run up to Christmas I will give it another push, with that in mind today I have listed 7 new knitted dresses on there, and in the next few weeks I will add some more jewellery too!
So if you would like a knitted dress to give as a gift for someone who loves their dancing, Strictly, fashion, etc then please visit my Etsy shop
You will find a small selection of my jewellery and seven dresses like these

handmade  by Angela Smith