Thursday, 27 October 2011

new item for blog shop

I have neglected my shop recently - more items have left the shop than been added to it!
So I have added two crocheted bracelets to it this evening- the crocheted bracelet shown in my last post and as promised in that same post I have now made another with fresh waterpearls too - shown below-

Monday, 24 October 2011

crocheted bracelet cuff

A very simple and quick crocheted bracelet, You can add whatever beads you like, I chose to use these fun, chunky glass beads,but I could have gone for the more sophisticated look of freshwater pearls - may be next time.

Friday, 21 October 2011

daisy bracelets

After being contacted by a Stafford craft group I held another 'sewing daisy' bracelet making workshop last night. We had a lovely evening and I think the ladies went away very happy with their bracelets.
These are the lovely bracelets made by the ladies.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stunning little black number

With the season of parties rapidly approaching it is time to hunt out your little black dress. However gorgeous your dress is, I would like to think that this necklace would steal the show. If your dress is strapless or has an open neckline this would compliment it beautifully.

It would also be perfect as wedding necklace if you have chosen to wear black or if your bridesmaids are wearing black.
It has over 100 Swarovski crystals, including three crystal hearts and is finished off with a sterling silver clasp.
This design is based on one of my original designs and I would like to thank you for respecting my copyright.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How to knit a bracelet

I am aware that not everyone who would like to attend my knitted bracelet workshops can, either because the time /date or location is not suitable, I do understand that if you live in Canada or Australia, you will not be able to pop over to Staffordshire, UK for a two hour workshop.
So here is a photographic guide to knitting your own bracelet in the comfort of your own home:
Firstly thread all your beads onto the wire.

These beads have been emptied onto a bead mat to stop them from rolling around,  you could also choose to pour the beads onto a bowl if you prefer or a bead spinning bowl.

This is my preferred way of threading just push the wire through the beads scooping up as you go,
 Then thread on a split ring.

The ring will slide over the beads don't worry, just try and keep it near the end of the wire

using 3mm needles join wire for casting on leaving 2 inches of wire free.
cast on 3 stitches then include the split ring into the 4th cast on stitch -

continue until 7 stitches have been cast on.

knit every row include one bead with each stitch.

continue knitting until required length

cut remaining wire leaving a length of 12 inches attached to the bracelet - discard the remaining beads on wire as they won't be needed and thread on the clasp
cast off 3 stitches include the clasp in the 4th stitch cast off then continue casting off to the end.

To finish off neatly thread the spare wire at each end back through the clasp or ring 3 or 4 more times then take the wire through some of the beads of the bracelet then back through one bead twice and cut as close to the bead as possible.

Kits for this bracelet are available, knitting needles not included - please contact me!