Friday, 12 February 2010

Jewellery for Wedding Fair,

Sunday I am attending my only wedding fair this season. It is to be held at Yarnfield, near Stafford. So this week I have been making a few more pieces to take along to it. Below are a few examples.

Swarovski crystal pearls with diamante.

Freshwater paerls with swarovski crystals.

Freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals.

Bracelet - Swarovski crystal pearls with ribbon.

Bracelet - Swarovski crystal pearls on ribbon with a twist.

Choker or headband - Swarovski crystal pearls on ribbon.

These three ribbon items were inspired by visiting The Beading Gems Journal Tutorial on how to make ribbon jewellery, I have made some jewellery in the past using ribbon, but not like these. I think they are lovely.