Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rose Quartz and Crystals

Some days I wake up with totally clear ideas of what I want to make, this was one such day.
It had to be Rose Quartz with clear glass beads, so within minutes the necklace was planned...

but why stop at a necklace, I may as well make a bracelet

 and a pair of earrings to match.

So of course while I am sat, threading the beads and watching the necklace grow, another idea is developing. Keep the Rose quartz theme but instead of clear glass why not use Swarovski crystal pearls, so I'm off on another design.

And yes you have guessed it another idea then pops into my head a very simple idea but none the less effective.

so before you know it I have three new necklace, bracelet, earring sets to take along to the Staffordshire  Wildlife Trust coffee morning this Friday.

And no the ideas didn't stop coming, I simply ran out of time, maybe tomorrow.