Tuesday, 6 July 2010

How to make a knitted bangle

The idea for making this came to me this morning before leaving for my day manning the gallery.
I know it isn't a totally unique design but I thought I'd share the method I used to make my bracelet today.

First thread some beads onto fine wire.

Next cast on 5 stitches onto needles of choice, I chose 4mm (larger than my normal choice). Leave a long length of wire free at the beginning

Knit bracelet to desired length, I chose to increase number of stitches towards the centre and then decrease again towards the other end. Leave another long length of wire after casting off.
Normally I would leave the design as this and attach a clasp using the lengths of wire left at each end, but today I decided to frame my bracelet

Use silver plate wire to frame bracelet, I chose 1.2mm . wrap the wire with a multi coloured twisted wire or other wire of your choice before attaching to your bracelet. .

Attach the wire wrapped frame to the bracelet using the lengths of wire at the beginning and end of your knitted piece
As you can see I left the end of the wire bare, so I could continue the wire wrapping over the join when I returned to this end.

The finished article,

I'm afraid I love this piece so much I am keeping it for myself, but I would be happy to make more if requested, or I could run a workshop to teach you the whole process. Please let me know , your comments are always treasured !