Wednesday, 20 October 2010

beads and wire

Another day in the Gallery gave me a chance to make some more jewellery.
Sitting at a small desk which needs to be cleared quickly when a painting or vase needs wrapping it is best to keep my jewellery making compact, so a reel of wire and beads is ideal.
I chose to sit and crochet a necklace first as I only have two crocheted necklaces left in the Gallery at the moment. Decisions decisions what length to make it, should it have a clasp or just be able to slip over the head, I opted for a longer length this time.

It would be good if we could decorate the windows up this year for Christmas so I thought I would have a go at  a new design for a star, I am happy with this, no doubt I will adapt the design as I make more so no two will be identical.