Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why not try a piece of unique knitted jewellery on your wedding day?

I have been making wire knitted items of jewellery for years, in fact this blog is littered with them! Such as this knitted tiara. Now how many brides in this world would have walked down the aisle wearing a knitted tiara, it just doesn't sound right does it? but I could name quite a few.

Last night I sat down watching the Brit awards with a pair of chunky needles planning on making another such tiara, and indeed the finished item would work very well as a tiara, but I chose instead to attach it to a choker wire instead. Wouldn't this just look lovely around a brides neck!

This choker has been knitted on silver plate wire with tiny glass beads and one swarovski crystal pearl, and then attached to a silver plate choker wire.

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