Friday, 16 September 2011

Knitting the night away!

Last night I held a knitted bracelet workshop.
Six eager ladies arrived clutching their knitting needles, well 5 actually as one lady forgot to bring hers, but not to worry I always carry spares.
As I showed examples of the finished bracelets and the materials to be used, there were comments like "but how do the beads fit on the needles?" and "I'm not going to leave with wire cut fingers am I?"
All was quickly revealed and soon the ladies were sat quietly concentrating on threading their beads onto the wire.

Next it was time to cast on, some ladies needed a gentle reminder on how to cast on but it was only a minor problem and soon they were all busy getting used to the feel of knitting with wire and adjusting their tension, some discovering that if they knit too loosely the needles will slide out of the stitches!
Not a huge problem though, as wire keeps it shape nicely so the needles can then slide back into the stitches just as easily!

Now this all looks very static, so to give you some idea of the frenzied work that was going on, I have a short video clip taken on my old camera, this is a first for this blog, it is quite shaky but I thought I share it with you any way!

The knitting continued as did the chatting and the two hours whizzed by, at the end of the workshop some wonderful bracelets had been made, with one lady opting to continue knitting hers into a choker, which she was going to finish off with some ribbon at home!