Thursday, 2 February 2012

What is the birthstone for February?

In 1912 The American National Association of Jewellers met in Kansas and drew up a list.
This list was compiled of the stones that the jewellers most wanted to sell at that time, but even so, today the list is still accepted throughout the world.
According to this list the birthstone for February is Amethyst which represents wisdom, spirituality, sobriety and security. It is one of my favourite colours - a violet form of quartz and it is said to protect the wearer from seduction and drunkenness.
I do from time to time have amethyst beads in my collection and this is one of my most recent amethyst designs - I have added a selection of Swarovski crystal beads with these faceted amethyst beads to make this multi- stranded necklace and matching pairs of earrings.

This set will be available from Gallery at 12 shortly

This is a unique design made by Angela Smith  for February 2012