Sunday, 22 July 2012

How to make a lavender bottle with amethysts

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine at last - we have waited far to long for a sunny weekend, to spend it sat indoors! so I decided to make make some lavender bottles. I love lavender, we have at least 5 lavender plants in the garden, so my morning was planned!!!
I cut my first lavender stems and set too with the making. It was during the making of lavender bottle number one that I started thinking  -  I love the smell and the colour of lavender bottles, but after a while the lavender loses its scent and fades. so what if?.......
So after completing my first bottle (below)

 I collected a few things together and came up with this

and this is a brief summary of how I made it.
firstly cut 9 lengths of wire,
on each length of place two crimps approx 1 1/2 inches from one end of wire

thread on a combination of amethyst chip and glass beads  approx 2 inches then crimp in place.

When this has been done for all 9 lengths of wire gather together and bind the short end of all the wires together by wrapping some wire around as close to the crimps as you can get.

Do the same for the other ends

Fold up each long length over the amethyst and glass bead bundle and then loosely weave a long length of wire through these wire lengths until you get to the other end.

 then wrap the wire tight around all 9 lengths to hold it in place, include one amethyst chip in the wire wrapping. Trim your ends to a desired length thread one small glass bead onto each wire and add a crimp to the top of each wire to finish off.

If you want to see how I make ordinary lavender bottles please visit my garden gate blog

Bespoke handmade designs by Angela Smith