Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wedding for today

It was the big day for one of my customers today. Kate's wedding day.
I made Kate's jewellery and the jewellery for Kate's sister bridesmaid a couple of months ago.

bridesmaid's necklace - Swarovski crystal pearls

bridesmaid's earrings - Swarovski crystal pearls and gold coloured glass bead

Bride's earrings - Swarovski crystal pearl with clear and gold glass beads

knitted bracelet for both bride and bridesmaid with gold and silver glass beads interspersed with Swarovski crystal pearls
I then had a last minute order for a hair comb this week, so I made Kate this

Huge congratulations Kate - I do hope you had a wonderful day today.

Bespoke handmade jewellery designs by Angela Smith