Thursday, 28 February 2013

Jewellery making kit - a product review

Along with the ear wires in my previous post The Bead shop in Manchester also sent me a jewellery making kit to try out too.
The kit is the one I showed you on the introduction post about the Bead Shop.

Jewellery Making Starter Kit - Silver Plated

The last time I had a jewellery making kit was 19 years ago when I first started making jewellery and that was a kit to make 6 pairs of earrings it had no tools and just a small piece of paper with a step by step hand written and drawn guide to making earrings with just enough beads and findings to make the earrings, so I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this one which had a great deal more beads and findings than my original kit, and also came with tools and a bead mat.
Below are the contents of the kit

So what can you make with all of this?
 - just let your imagination run riot, if your designs don't work out there is plenty of wire, cord or elastic to have another go!
These are the items I have made over the last week, in my spare time, I have had a go with every different type of finding provided and using all three threading materials as well as both the head pins and eye pins.

beads on elastic

beads on cord thread - necklace

bead on cord thread
necklace earring set
necklace earring set
necklace earring set


beads on cord thread - bracelet

I haven't managed to use everything in the kit yet so I still have these left to play with.

How did I rate the kit?
The instruction book is very useful, showing you not only how to make simple jewellery but also how to go on to create other items once you have mastered the basics. The findings and tools in this kit are adequate and will give you plenty of opportunity to master the basics.  There is a large selection of beads both glass and semi-precious, you will find that not all the beads will thread onto the cord or elastic as their holes aren't large enough but there are still sufficient for you to make necklaces and or bracelets on both of these two materials  I also found it useful to sort out all the beads that matched as these would be needed to make earrings and necklaces for those requiring a symmetrical design. As you can see I managed to make a good selection of jewellery with these beads.
The tools provided are fairly basic but that is all you need when starting off - I started my jewellery making with a pair of tweezers and some of my husbands wire cutters so this is definitely an improvement on that,  I was determined to use just the tools provided in the kit, but I did need to use  a pair of scissors and also I did on occasions use a second pair of pliers to assist with the closing of some of the jump rings as these could prove quite hard to close.

Kits are a great way to introducing beginners to jewellery making and hopefully encourage you to select more beads and findings to develop your own jewellery making style, designs and techniques.

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handmade jewellery designs by Angela Smith jewellery