Wednesday, 23 October 2013

knitted dresses in miniature

How on earth did I come up with this idea????
As I was knitting my last bracelet in Gallery at 12 on Saturday I just happened to hold it up a third of the way through and think 'actually that looks as though it could be a dress' shortly after thinking that in walks a customer and we start talking about the bracelet and I mention the idea of knitting a dress, she suggested hanging it on a coat hanger, Liking the idea I decided to give it a try, so after completing the bracelet I went straight on to knitting my first dress in the same wire, ribbon and beads as the bracelet as that was all I had with me,
This one!

 The following day, having slept on it I decided it was worth pursuing, so I spent a lot of my Sunday knitting a collection of dresses, after selecting some other brightly coloured sari silk ribbons.  Once all the dresses were made I then made the coat hangers and attached the dresses to them and then I finished off by making the coat stand as a prop to display before taking the photographs!!!

Do you think I might have watched too much Strictly?????
These can be hung wherever you want, on your dressing table mirror, in your car, on your Christmas tree, in your window!!!!

handmade by Angela Smith