Thursday, 21 November 2013

commissioned necklace

This was a very special commission - I made this necklace for Jude who I have been friends with on facebook and twitter for a few years now but have never had the privilege of meeting. This is all about to be rectified as next Thursday we will finally meet at the #sbs event in Birmingham in the company of Theo Paphitis. sbs is a twitter reward for small businesses created by Theo Paphitis if you want to find out more please visit the sbs website where you can also view details of all the winners to date. Neither Jude or I were winners of sbs when we first starting chatting on social media and hadn't even heard of sbs at that time - Our initial common link was our shared love of art and craft.
Jude's business is GWR Fasteners and there company colours are red and black so the jewellery had to be in keeping with that - This is the necklace Jude will be wearing next week to the #sbs event - I can't wait to meet her at last.

sparkling red and black Swarovski crystals

this will be my second #sbs event - If you want to read about my first one please take a look at this post from last year. Hopefully after next Thursday I will be able to post a photo of Jude wearing the necklace along with my account of the day.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

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