Saturday, 1 February 2014

How long is a string of pearls?

As long as you want, well within reason anyway - The silk threads I use come in lengths of 2 metres so approx 6 1/2 feet - If you were to have a necklace that long you would be able to wrap it around your neck several times. If you wanted the pearls knotted like this bronze Swarovski crystal pearl necklace the end necklace would be considerable shorter than the 2 metres as a lot of the silk thread would be used in the knotting. I didn't use a 2 metre length for this necklace so this necklace only measures 30 inches, which is just long enough to wrap around the neck twice for a loose double stranded choker, or it can hang as a single length.

I would imagine a string of pearls or several strings in this colour worn over coffee coloured lace would look stunning!

If you would like a string of pearls or Swarovski crystal pearls or indeed any other bead, semi-precious or otherwise please contact me

Handmade jewellery by Angela Smith