Monday, 11 January 2016

My '60 seconds' tribute - David Bowie - a music Hero but not Just for a day - Forever !!!

This morning we woke just in time to hear the sad news that David Bowie had died. I was really taken aback by how much this news affected me. I grew up with his music as did many other people and I was privileged to have seen him in concert at the N.E.C back in 2003, where he waved to me from the stage - then he laughed when I realised he really was waving at me -  No he really was waving at ME!, everyone else around me was sitting down!!! - 
Anyway I could have stayed at home bursting into tears every five minutes or so - that is what I felt as though I wanted to do, but I had a WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) network meeting to attend and I decided it would do me good to get out instead of moping about the house!
So I selected one of our Bowie CD's and drove the 11 miles to the network meeting immersing myself in Bowie music.
I arrived 5 minutes earlier than usual, so I sat in the car park listening to the end of the CD and in that time I got my phone out and planned my 60 second introduction, which we all are invited to do at the meeting.
Normally for my 60 seconds I talk about my jewellery mentioning my sbs win and Theo Paphitis and I also talk about Gallery at 12 - it sometimes takes a little bit longer than 60 seconds to get through everything, so when it came to my turn this morning  I could feel the network leaders concern when I got out my phone and explained I wanted to do something different today! 

And here is what I read out! 

'Hi my name is Angela Smith and I am a jewellery designer/maker with a passion for "fashion" and like "fashion" my jewellery often "changes" - whether you are "dancing in the street", looking for "fame", a "rebel rebel", "china girl" or a "starman" i can make jewellery to suit your needs - never feeling "under pressure"
I also run workshops which are suitable for "absolute beginners" as well as "young Americans" '

David Bowie - a music Hero but not Just for a day - Forever

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