Monday, 9 January 2017

A passion for jewellery making

Today I was determined to attended a WiRE network meeting, even though I was suffering with a cold - the guest speaker was Sara Moseley, a fabulously inspiring lady who I have known for quite a few years, she is a brilliant photographer who just oozes with confidence and can't fail to inspire. Sara has recently stepped back from her photographic work to set up 'Hiking Boots and Posh Pants' , today Sara was talking about 'the Importance of Passion in your Business'  so did she inspire?  oh boy yes!
but what she also did was to reaffirm that even after 23 years I am still as passionate about making my jewellery as I was when I first started, in fact I would go as far as saying that if anything I am even more passionate about making jewellery.
When I first started it was all new to me, I was self taught and my jewellery making business had developed from a hobby, something I could do in my free time while I was a stay at home Mum with three young children, two pre school age. So my passion then came from making and discovering I was pretty good at it and that people wanted to buy it.
Now my passion for my jewellery is about the journey I have made over the last 23 years, and the excitement of where it could still take me. I have the confidence now to say that what I make is beautiful and often totally unique - I still love the anticipation of receiving new beads for the first time and then opening the packages to behold the stunning sparkling beads that I will then use to create an item of jewellery to be loved by someone else!
I love that I still wake at silly times with an idea for a new design and have to get out of bed to make it up there and then, not returning to bed until I am happy the design will work, eager to sleep so I can then wake up to share my new design on twitter, facebook and occasionally blog it too!
I love that every week is different, for example last week, the first week of 2017, I made up a large order of hair charms, I spent a day in Gallery at 12, I visited venues for a couple of jewellery making workshops arranged for later this year, my jewellery and I were photographed for an exhibition later on in the year, I made up some simple Swarovski necklaces, I had a visit from a 2017 bride who now has one of my knitted tiaras, and I started photographing more of my jewellery to add to my #sbs shop. These necklaces are very simple Swarovski drops on silver plate chains - I am looking forward to adding these and more to my shop soon.

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