Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gallery @12

Today I wore my Staffordshire Artists Cooperative hat and manned Gallery @ 12 , Eccleshall, for the day. Gallery @12 can be found on the High Street in Eccleshall. I am really proud to be involved in this, it is run as a cooperative, so all exhibitors are members of the Cooperative manning the Gallery on a Rota basis. Saying that we do currently have a guest artist - Rob Cox who carves beautiful wood sculptures. Current members include,Thurza Cox - artist ; Helen Cartlidge - artist ; Carole Glover - Ceramacist ; Jo Hill - textile artist ; Cathy Sumner Ceramicist ; Craig Sumner - artist ;Bob Thacker- glass artist Mike Wheeley- artist and sculptor.
We have had visitors so far from as far away as South Africa and Australia, but what I find especially encouraging is when local visitors come in and comment that this is one of the best galleries in Staffordshire , we certainly have a great mix of work!

So there I was surrounded by beautiful things all day, getting inspired to create, it is warmer than my workshop so I can sit and make more time consuming items, I can usually be seen sitting at the counter knitting or crochetting, as wire and needles can be put to one side easily if I need the counter to wrap a large pot or painting. Today I was knitting a black beaded bow tie with wire, all the knitting is completed I just have to sew it together now. I will be taking it with me to the Ancient High House in Stafford on saturday with a selection of jewellery and tiara's for a wedding fair.