Friday, 8 January 2010

knitted jewellery

Just to prove I am not obsessing about the snow all day, I have managed to make a few items of knitted jewellery over the last day or so, as I do keep some of my wire and seed beads at home. It is much nicer to knit sat in a comfortable chair in front of a fire instead of at a work bench in a cold barn!

knitted earrings on sterling silver hooks.

a simple square brooch.

This was going to be a large square brooch, but when I looked at it after knitting I decided it was too large, so I joined up two of its sides and inserted some small seed beads on wire, I have placed a loop at the top so it will be a pendant this time, I might well make another one as a brooch.

A knitted brooch.

I think that these are all destined for Gallery @ 12 , Eccleshall.