Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How can designs evolve?

Do you remember this,
I blogged about how to make it a few months ago. I couldn't part with it so I kept it for myself and wear it almost every day and not very many days go by without someone commenting about it.
It took me several hours to make, so although I wanted to make more along the same lines I knew it would have to be something special.

Eventually I sat down with some fine wire, sat and knitted the choker and bangle, these knitted pieces then sat on my work desk waiting for me to decide what to use to frame them. Yesterday I finally worked out how to finish it off!  I used some of the sari silk ribbons which I had purchased from the threshing barn also blogged about earlier this year! The ribbon is held in place with the wire I used to attach the knitted pieces to the frame.
The ribbon gives it a much softer and warmer look to the design than just plain silver would have done

This time, though, I have attached clasps to the ends, probably only required on the choker but I attached one to the bracelet as well to keep the design continuity going.

Please let me know what you think, I think these would look stunning on a winter bride!