Wednesday, 2 March 2011

hand sewn beaded bridal necklaces

'Bead work'  'beaded lacework' however you want to describe these necklaces, I call them my football match designs because I sit in the lounge with my family while they watch a game of football and I can sew a band for these necklaces in the time it takes for the match to be played, I don't have time, normally, to attach the crystal loops, unless the game goes to extra time and a penalty shoot out, by then, though, even I'm a bundle of nerves so I can't concentrate on sewing anyway!

So after all that, here are a couple of the delicate necklaces, I currently have in stock. As with most items I make, I can of course create one for you in any colour, I just need to know the length and the colour required and for my family to want to watch a game of football on the television!

hope you like these!