Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Can't get black flowers for your bouquet?

Question - What do you do if you want black flowers in your bouquet?
Answer - Ask me to make you some!

I apologise for these photos, the sun wouldn't shine and it was windy so the flowers wouldn't stay still- not a problem for the bouquet because the movement in the bouquet causes the crystals to sparkle even more, just not great for photographing detail.
Any way, I hope you get the general idea:

Blowing around in the wind

close up of the handle -

I have knitted each flower with black coloured wire and glass beads, the centre part I made by coiling silver plate wire with glass beads and attaching a Swarovski crystal. The silver plate wire then continues as each stem up to the handle.

I'd be really interested to find out what you think of this.
The flowers can, of course, be made in other colours and can also be made as matching corsages and / or included in matching jewellery or hair decorations.