Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It is never to late to learn something new

So what did you get up to this morning?
I learnt how to make simple glass beads!
I find it very difficult to understand why, after making beaded jewellery for eighteen years I have never attempted to learn how to make glass beads!
When I talk to people about my jewellery, I often say something along the lines of - 'I buy all the beads in and then I make up the jewellery'- and if I am asked why I don't make my own beads my answer is' because I won't be able to ever make beads of the quality of Venetian Glass and Swarovski crystal so why bother!' When really I have been thinking I don't want to make a fool of myself and be disappointed with the end result.
So when Bob Thacker - a friend, glass artist and fellow member of the Staffordshire Artists Co-operative said to me, just before Christmas,
'You really should have a go at making your own beads - I will give you a morning session in the New Year' I couldn't get out of it and deep down I knew he was right.
Today was the day and here is the very first bead I made ...

...then I went on to make these

Ok they aren't quite even and an unimaginative colour but why waste good glass to start off with, I will make something for myself with these and wear it with a huge amount of pride! It was great fun, and I know that with some practice I could do better,
Oh dear! I feel that this could go much further in time- I just need to buy a burner, glass and other items first!