Sunday, 8 January 2012

One of my most popular designs using January's birthstone - garnet

It is considered that the origins of birthstones - linked to the month of wearers birth, were connected to the breastplate of Aaron (Ex28 v16-20) each stone representing one the twelve tribes of Israel. Our modern day list of birthstones was compiled by 'the American National Association of Jewelers' in 1912  - it consists of the stones they most wanted to sell!!!. According to the modern list of birthstones January's birthstone is
garnet which represents strength, prosperity & health.

Swarovski offer crystals in a range of colours including garnet and this is one of my favourite designs made using garnet coloured Swarovski crystals. It has been such a popular design, I have continued making similar necklaces and earrings to these since making this set several years ago!

These items are original designs by Angela Smith - Staffordshire Jewellery Designer