Monday, 23 February 2015

Red Venetian Glass Necklaces

These winter days when the sun shines are lovely aren't they? well yes when you are inside and the heating is on, not so great when working by large old single glazed sash windows and a bitter wind is finding every gap to blow through - and then I have to brave that same wind outside, crouching over my new makes with a large camera swinging about my neck and hair being blown across my face trying to position my jewellery just so, when along comes an extra large gust of wind and I have to start all over again! my fingers are just about coming back to life again - the sun might be incredibly bright today but I have to say that I am really looking forward to a bit of warmth from it!!!
Anyway here are my new makes for this weeks 'Mondays Makes'
A couple of dark red Venetian glass necklaces - I think that completes my necklace range to take along to the craft fair this weekend at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust , I still have to stock up with some more earrings but I am getting there.

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith