Tuesday, 19 May 2015

knitted wire and obsidian bracelet

I have been fairly quiet on here recently, that doesn't mean to say I have not been making - My exhibition in Gallery at 12 is going very well and keeping me very busy, I have had to make up several replacement items to fill up gaps, these aren't identical pieces to the items sold, but may be not different enough for me to write a blog post, I have also had quite a few re-stringings come in over the last week too, not originally my jewellery I hasten to add, but as they aren't my designs or my jewellery I cannot use those for a blog post either.
Today, though, I went upstairs to start work again and decided that my desk was getting far to untidy, so I started clearing it, which meant, putting away bags of beads, throwing out pieces of wire and old threads that hadn't quite made it to the bin and finishing off a couple of pieces of jewellery, which had been left mid project, including this knitted black wire with snowflake obsidian and glass bead bracelet. All that it required was the clasp to be attached, which I duly did. and hey presto, another knitted bracelet, ready to fill a gap in my exhibition, should it be needed!

hand knitted jewellery by Angela Smith