Sunday, 3 May 2015

'Angela's Gate... How does Your garden Grow?'

Yesterday was the first day of my exhibition in Gallery at 12 Eccleshall.
I have based the exhibition on nature photographs from two of my other blogs, 'Views from my garden gate' and 'Beyond my garden Gate' so most of the jewellery on display has been inspired in some way by the wildlife and flowers in and around my garden or further afield, I have also used my photographs to show where the inspiration for the designs have come from and indeed there are some of my photographs as cards which will be for sale during the exhibition. The other part of my exhibition is called 'How does your garden grow?' based on the nursery rhyme.
Let me take you on a brief tour....
Mary, Mary quite contrary How Does Your garden Grow?
With silver bells ... silver bells I think wedding bells, wedding bells... wedding jewellery ...

there is a large glass cabinet in the exhibition area - two shelves show some of my wedding jewellery designs, but of course I am always to make to commission too!!!

... and cockle shells

A selection of jewellery inspired by shells and the sea shore,

... and pretty maids all in a row

pretty maids have pretty dresses -  a selection of my knitted wire, bead and sari silk dresses as brooches or in box frames.

Then the rest of the exhibition is Angela's gate

My exhibition will be in Gallery at 12  until 28th May, the gallery will also be hosting a charity day on May 16th where 10 % of it's sales on the day will be going to Shape Arts.
It would be lovely to see you sometime during May, but if you are planning to make a special journey then May 16th would be a good day to choose!

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