Friday, 8 March 2013

Foiled glass and velveteen

A large bag of foiled glass arrived in the post yesterday, and I couldn't resist having a play - I have had the velveteen in my workroom for such a delivery and I think these look just great.

foiled glass beads and jet Swarovski crystals

Foiled glass beads and jet Swarovski crystals

Foiled glass beads, turquoise beads and jet Swarovski crystals
I occasionally have people look at my jewellery and say how they can't get on with wearing necklaces with bare wire such as floating necklaces because the tigertail irritates their skin - this velveteen covers the wire so it will be a lot more comfortable for those people to wear - I will only use it on some of the heavier necklace designs as it is too thick to place alongside the more delicate beads
These three necklaces will be heading to the Pop Up Shop in Newport unless someone claims them beforehand.

handmade jewellery designs by Angela Smith

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  1. I think the mix of beads and velveteen look great on these jewellery designs. The velveteen balances up the weight of the beads rather than tigertail alone.
    Thanks for sharing.