Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Personalised jewellery

I have had a couple of specific requests for personalised jewellery recently, so I though it might be worth sharing them:
A couple of months ago I was asked to make a bracelet with 'type 1 diabetic' on so having sourced letter beads which also had matching numbers I made a bracelet on pink leather threading the letter beads along with purple beads to meet my clients specifications. Having made that I then had a play with the beads to see how else I could have made it - I came up with this design which I think works quite well.

Then earlier this month I was asked to make a child's name bracelet, in a similar style to one previously bought from somewhere else, but her child had out grown. so having been shown the photo of the smaller bracelet I came up with a new design.
Having made one I thought I should make another, again slightly different from the original to show you the general idea.

I am happy to make items to order - if you request an item of jewellery from me that needs to be made up I will always photograph the finished item to show you before I post it to you as no two items will be the same

handmade bespoke jewellery by Angela Smith

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