Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bethany's birthday party

I am often invited to provide  jewellery making birthday parties, where I take some of my beads along to a venue, this could be a home or a hall where the birthday party is taking place and provide a two hour jewellery making session.
Today I took my beads along to Bethany's home for two hours of creative fun.
I arrived before the party was due to start, so I had time to set up. I always stress that I need enough table space for the boxes of beads as well as room to sit and make! Sometimes I think that may be I have too many beads!

At some parties the attendees are all peers of the person celebrating the birthday so all similar ages, sometimes there is a mixture of ages as friends of family are also invited to join in, today we had a mixture.
The first item to be made is the necklace - this can either be a floating necklace or one on leather. So after a quick introduction explaining the basics I stand back while the beads are chosen, this can take some time - too many beads to chose from!

Once the beads have been selected  and during the planning stages I will provide everyone with their choice of threading material so they are then ready to thread their beads. Then I will assist with the attaching of clasps and hey presto the finished articles!

After a short break if needed, the guests return to the beads to make either a bracelet or a pair of earrings.
Here are a few of the finished items.

Hopefully everyone is really pleased with their finished pieces and proud of what they have achieved.

Happy birthday Bethany - It was a real pleasure and thank you for allowing me to take a few photos too! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day- If this cake is anything to go by I am sure you did x

For further information about my parties please visit my birthday party page