Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hen Party - jewellery making workshop

This weekend I provided a jewellery making workshop for a hen party at Dove Farm, Ellastone, on the Staffordshire Derbyshire border. I arrived at Dove Farm before the party had returned from there morning walk which allowed me time to have a brief chat with Jane, from Dove Farm, before setting up. I have known Jane for quite a few years now thanks to Women In Rural Enterprise (WiRE), and it is always a pleasure to meet her, I received a very warm welcome, thank you Jane!
The workshop was held in the studio dining room - part of the cottages

 a great space for workshops.

All set up and ready for the ladies to return - so time for a cup of tea, outside in the afternoon sunshine, with one member of the party who had opted to relax at the farm for the morning.
Then the rest of the party arrived back and the jewellery making began.

A very enjoyable afternoon, and some fabulous items of jewellery made, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with plenty of tea and cake!
I hope the hen Jo and friends enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

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