Sunday, 16 March 2014

How long does it take to make an item of jewellery?

It is a question I am often asked - the answer isn't that simple as it really does depend on what the item of jewellery is! If it is a simple pair of earrings like these it would take no more than than a couple of minutes, in fact in my workshops, it takes me the time it takes to say 'first thread your bead onto your headpin, cut the wire leaving approximately quarter of an inch from the top of the bead, make a loop using your round nosed pliers, slip in an ear hook, and close the loop' to make one earring!

A floating necklace like this would take me about fifteen minutes.

A full string of beads can take anything from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the size of beads and length of necklace.

This knitted crown took far too long, possibly 18 hours!

and this weekend I made this wire and beaded flower, this took over four hours and I still have to then add it to a piece of jewellery which will probably take at least another hour to make. I will share the finished item in a post on here once it is made!

So next time you visit a handmade jewellery stall please try and appreciate the amount of time the designer has taken to make the items you are admiring, as well as the uniqueness of each individual piece of jewellery.