Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Iona' necklace

How do I spend an afternoon when Rugby is on? - easy I go upstairs to my work room and make some jewellery. After making a commissioned bracelet which I will post on here after my client has received it, I then spied this beautiful turquoise bead in a bag on my desk that was just shouting out to be used - so I used it -  along with other glass beads to make this pretty necklace for the summer - made with silver plate wire and finished off with a silver plate clasp - This is a one off necklace as there was only the one focal bead in the bag - I have named the necklace 'Iona' as it reminds me of the seas around  the island of Iona in the Hebrides with its stunning white shell sand beaches.

the necklace measure 16 inches  and cost £35

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith 

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