Wednesday, 25 November 2009

With Christmas on my mind

Last night at Adams Grammar School, Christmas Fair.
my stall doesn't look very Christmassy does it?
Yes I always show some of my tiara's, even at Christmas Fairs, you never know
Today I was back at the Gallery
Having viewed my jewellery in the cabinet I decided that I should knit a red choker and matching bracelet, so I poured hundreds of tiny glass beads into a pot ....

and started threading, by the time I had finished threading I had gone off the idea of knitting.....
instead I thought what would happen if I threaded the beads into flowers and let the wire guide me,
well this happened
So I continued,
I stopped at a bracelet, but I could have continued to make a choker, maybe another day

I then helped Becky from Little monsters hang up the garlands in our Arcade, ooh it really does look Christmassy now, just in time for late night shopping tomorrow and the Eccleshall Christmas lights switch on, on Monday