Friday, 18 December 2009

A jewellers work is never done

So there I was thinking all I have to do now is knit a decoration for my home, when a customer phones asking for a last minute order before Christmas so decoration has been put on hold.

Thought I'd have a play with my dog before setting to on order, bad idea, hand got caught up with spectacle chain as throwing ball and snap, spectacle chain ended up in two.

I need spectacle chain for tonight, but no beading thread at home. I do though have some wire.
So I thread all the beads except the bugles onto wire and crochet a chain.

As lovely as it is I have decided it is too fussy to have up around my face. So chain will have to become a necklace.

Plan B, I found some small glass seed beads, so I have crocheted a much more suitable chain for my glasses.

Now I can get back to my order and hopefully the Christmas decoration will get started on tomorrow when I am at the Gallery, although Saturday in the Gallery could be busy.