Thursday, 3 December 2009

There's no stopping me once I get started

Living in a wonderful rural part of Britain as I do, I regularly enjoy spectacular views of Buzzards flying out from hedges along the road in front of me as I am driving to and from my workshop, never though have I had one fly into my windscreen, until today, that is.

So there I was keen to get back to share pictures of my completed jewellery with my blogging friends when out of a hedge flew a large buzzard, straight towards my car, carrying its very heavy prey, so heavy I could see it was struggling to get the lift it needed to clear my car, It all happened so quickly I swerved to try and miss it, but it still managed to clobber the top left hand side of my windscreen, such a noise!, I stopped, I was ok, a little shaken but ok, the windscreen is still in one piece and the Buzzard flew off into a nearby tree, I couldn't see the prey at all, no doubt it retrieved it once I had driven off.

So safely back at home and having checked the car over again, I can now show you a couple of sets I made today with some of the dichroic glass.