Sunday, 20 December 2009

My Christmas decoration is completed at last!

Thanks to Daisychain Jewellery for reminding me about a simple paper Christmas decoration which gave me the idea for this knitted version.
The photo is really dark, but if you click on it, the image comes up slightly better. I love the way the light catches the tiny gold seed beads.

The instructions for my knitted version can be found below.

You will need
1 reel of 0.315mm coloured wire vivid red or colour of your choice.
seed beads gold coloured or colour of your choice
3mm knitting needles.

Thread 1920 seed beads onto your reel of wire.
Cast on 42 stitches, include one bead per stitch.
Knit 8 rows include one bead per stitch,
Cast off include one bead per stitch.


Then knit two strips of 30 stiches, two strips of 18 stitches and one strip of 12 stitches.
Arrange strips so that shortest is in centre and other strips are attached in increasing length order each side.

Use wires left from casting on and off to join strips together and then twist remaining ends together to make a hanging loop.