Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lovely to meet you Maggi

Yesterday I was working at the gallery when Maggi dropped by and introduced herself, she and I follow each others blogs, Maggi had decided to come all the way from Derbyshire to look at the chartreuse bracelets and earrings I had posted about earlier, Maggi is a textile artist and she creates the most beautiful pieces, If you visit Maggi's blog you can see examples of  her wonderfful work, you can also see the items of my jewellery she actually ended up with, I do so hope you are happy with them Maggi, and it really was lovely to meet you.
After Maggi s visit I settled down to do more crocheting, not using chartreuse though. no this time I went for peacock blues on a blue coloured wire, here are some of my finished items.



This is going to be a spectacle chain, I also made a shorter length to be a necklace
I hope you like