Friday, 12 March 2010

What happens if...?

Yesterday was another day manning the gallery, which meant another day of sitting and creating, this time I chose my knitting needles. I returned to the blue wire with peacock blue coloured beads already threaded on from last week, and I decided a bracelet was on it's way.

So then a lady came in and started talking about a brown bracelet I had crocheted with wire and ribbon, which is currently on display in my cabinet. I produced my bag of ribbons during the conversation and there calling to me was another brown ribbon, so after the lady left I returned to my ribbons and wondered what happens if ...?
Well this happened.

Unfortunately the length of ribbon wasn't long enough for a full length bracelet so I have attached a crocheted chain to one of the ends and some beads crocheted into a clasp of sorts on the other end.
I am really pleased with the effect, so it will stay.