Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Autumn in bronze and crystal

 I am definitely having an Autumnal week, having already posted two designs this week with an Autumn theme I have another to share today, with two more waiting in the wings also made yesterday and a couple more ideas in my head which will hopefully be completed later on this week, in between the restringings that I seem to be collecting at the moment.
Whilst looking around my work room I noticed my bronze wire stash that I had bought last month for another project which has been put on hold for the time being, so yesterday I had a play with the wire and made three different items, this being the first. It is my time working or playing with bronze wire and I have to say I like it very much, it has a totally different feel to the silver wire when using it and obviously has a very different look to it too!
I am classing this as one item when in fact it is two, as it is a set, usually I would sell items in a set individually and it will be the same with this, but deep down I would really like this to go as a complete set.

Autumn leaves with berries - bracelet and earring set

Each leaf has a Swarovski crystal in and the berries are tiny glass beads.
I have to say I am pleased I chose to make a bracelet rather than a necklace as the wire did get quite tangled when starting off, that isn't to say I couldn't make a necklace, if it was asked for - it would make a stunning necklace!

handmade jewellery by Angela Smith

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