Monday, 2 September 2013

Ear hook trial

I made the decision last week to attempt to make my own ear hooks and jewellery findings as well as continue to buy ready made ones in for the time being. I will be following instructions when I start in earnest, but today I just wanted to to see how plausible an idea it really is. So with my enamel coated silver wire I made these earrings -
I cut two identical lengths of wire and with my little hammer I flattened the very end which would act as a stopper for the glass beads and cats-eye I then threaded onto the wire. once I was happy with my bead selection I held both pieces of wire together and bent the wire half way around a pencil to form the bend. I then grabbed both ends with my pliers and gave them a little flick and then filed the tips of the wire until they felt smooth to touch. I know that hammering wire adds some rigidity to the form so I lightly hammered at the bend which I am trusting will help keep the shape. I believe this has worked, but has caused another problem as I only used enamel coated wire my hammering it has worn away some of the coating. This of course won't be an issue when I use metal wire!
They are good enough for me to wear but not for me to sell - but for a first attempt and not following any instructions I am very pleased with these.

 Handmade jewellery by Angela Smith