Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 My highlights April - June

My review of 2013 continues with
April which included birthday party, a pink knitted tiara, the introduction of tree of life pendants, and new ideas in blue.
Birthday parties I don't often blog about birthday parties, mainly because I very rarely have time to take any photographs, but in April I did have time, so a post was written, parties are something I really enjoy, it is great encouraging young people to develop their creativity even if it is just for a couple of hours, seeing the designs and colour combinations children choose to use is often a revelation.

knitted tiara and a pink one at that!

Tree of Life
I loved making these, and hopefully I will be asked to make more in 2014

Blues I used new blue glass beads in April along with some new fabric chain, which added a whole new dimension to my jewellery.

May saw me working with pearls again and one of my jewellery items was chosen as the  Beads Unlimited Blog Readers Flower Power winning design


Winning design
crocheted chrysanthemum brooch

In June I used silk to make some totally new pearl jewellery and I also introduced wildlife inspired pendants to my life and collection - 

pink silk and pearl jewellery

wildlife inspired jewellery

with more to come.........